Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It’s all good.

I’m at a healthcare executive conference.  It’s quite awesome.  Conferences generally get me jazzed up.  But I’m more than professionally and academically jazzed.  It’s bigger than that.  My future’s so bright, I’ve got to wear shades!

I do have a problem, though.  I need to decide my future / focus.  I was thinking the CIO track might be the way to go… where IT and Lean collide.  Providing efficiency and effectiveness on a strategic and systemic level.   Or I could focus on strategy and growth.  It’s really a good problem to have.

My program has been so supportive of me (and all my classmates).  I know they care about our futures.  It’s so different than the world I exited nearly two years ago.  A world where I had to fight to be perceived as valuable.

But it’s not just my program that’s interested and supportive…it’s the executives I’ve met thus far.  During conversations, I might proffer some idea… and they LISTEN.  And they tell me I should talk to [this guy].  But they LISTEN.  I’m not dismissed.  Was my world really that broken?  I’m thinking it was.  But I’m not going to mourn what could have been, because if I had what could have been, I’d be missing THIS.

This is a field to be passionate about.  A field undergoing dynamic, rapid, meaningful change.  A field that positively impacts so many every single day.  And though I know I’m not called to be a practitioner of medicine… I can make the delivery of that care more cost effective.  I can make it more comfortable.  I can have an impact that MATTERS.

So yeah.  I’ve held positions in toxic, abusive locations.  But it’s all good.  I’m here.