Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Weekend in Bullets

  • Bonus!  Trip to Costco!
  • Double Bonus! Shapeups at Costco for $49
  • Triple Bonus!  They had some in size 11! (This NEVER happens)
  • Took the pooch for a walk,  The sun broke out for one day (it was splendid).  Poor old man can only do one loop (half mile).
  • Missed Swing’s well-child visit
  • Cosmo had Friday off
  • Got homework done.  At Starbucks (YAY) where a woman wore so much perfume that you couldn’t smell coffee (BOO)
  • Swing has a cold.  And is crabby.
  • Had fun with Cosmo and his new Microscope.  Brine shrimp are growing!
  • This cold and soggy has got to go.  The boys are going insane indoors.  Not sure who will win the race to insanity… them or me.
  • Slept in.  Snuggled with sniffly Swing.
  • Discovered Cosmo has eaten two containers of chocolate frosting over the course of 3 days
  • Reminded my mother how lucky she is that her children NEVER talked back to her.  Or fought.  Or broke or lost expensive games / toys.
  • Swing shared his cold with me.
  • Papa Murphy’s deLite pizzas are good.  Plus, I don’t have to cook or do dishes.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Internship Cover Letter

Dear Preceptor,

Please like me.  See how this letter is a genius blend of professionalism and personality?  I’m an amazing catch for a student (at least I’m supposed to say so in a manner that comes off as confident, but not arrogant).

I don’t have experience in this field, which is why I’m seeking an internship.  I’d write about all of my fantastic experiences for you if I had any.  But alas.  So let me charm you with tales from my past; I have chosen to highlight information that is supposed to seem relevant and desirable to you.

My career aspirations are to rule the world; however, this is A) unlikely, B) not in your control and C) may be career limiting insight, so I’ll provide you with aspirations that are slightly under your position so that I don’t come off as overly ambitious (and therefore threaten your ego), but ambitious enough to prove that I’ll work hard and not play mahjongg all day (since Facebook is blocked).

Thank you for reading this letter and looking at my resume.  I hope you have found me to be as charming and intelligent as I intended. [insert polite smile here]