Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Love Coffee

It goes without saying, really.  But I really do enjoy a good cup.  I also like to pop in to my local Starbucks to study.   Which I’m foolishly attempting to do now.  It’s free pastry Tuesday, and the place is swarming.  But the library is closed for another 12 minutes, and the hubs works this afternoon / evening.  So here I am. 

I’ve decided to blog instead.  But I have everything and nothing in my head.  Which is why I haven’t been writing.  And I’m wondering if I should continue the diary style writing I’ve been doing, or pursue a more organized article-type blog.

Because I’m not a journalist, and because I have a litany of things I just want to get out of my head and on to paper, I’m thinking I’ll stick to the diary shtick.

Bypass Surgery

My mom recently had bypass surgery.  She went in for an angiogram and possible stent placement, but the angio determined a triple bypass was necessary.  The triple turned into a quadruple. 

So I went down to be with my family.  It was nice.  And a bit scary.  But mostly nice.  My dear, dear, lifelong friend watched my boys three full days so I could spend time with my mom and family at the hospital. 

She’s doing very well.  I’m so pleased.  Because I’m just not ready to lose her.

Heavenly Weather

It’s been increasingly lovely here.  While I am loathe to change the time on my clock, I’m quite thrilled that the sun is setting much later.  There’s more time in the day to “be alive.”  I bought some balls and rackets, and we’ve been going to our fantastic park to play tennis, basketball, horseshoes, ride bikes/scooters/skates, walk the dog, and just plain be outside.  I’m thinking we’ll suspend our gym membership for the summer here pretty soon.  It would be criminal to be indoors.  Maybe.  There is a nice quietude to listening to my iPod on an elliptical and then doing weights.  So we’ll see. 


So.  I’ve applied for one whole internship.  The Woodsman and I talked about it, and decided I should try for one if I can.  Not sure what that will entail.  I don’t want to give up my spot in the food room.  So hopefully, if I can get an internship, they’ll be willing to work with me on hours so I can do both.  The drawback is that they aren’t generally paid (here in this area), and I’ll have two kids that need childcare.  Which isn’t free.  So we’ll see.  I think it would be good for me (and therefore the family) to get some experience under my belt.  If I can see what life is like on “the inside,” I’ll be able to retain what I’m learning more.  Plus, I’m (gasp) middle aged with no industry experience, and two internships can only help my resume.


I’m too frustrated to talk about the recent events regarding our government and recent changes to healthcare to talk about them.  Might be best to just not be too loud.  Right now.  Or perhaps I’ll coagulate my thoughts and write about them at a later time. 

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  1. Reading Carla's post about the health care thing, I finally have a decent understanding about why some of you are so against it. Old record, I know, but being Canadian, that kind of health care system is just working pretty well so it's odd to hear that people are opposed to it. I hope it doesn't make the generation or two or three of 'entitled welfare people' worse. I hope it doesn't. It hasn't, here. Or I don't think so anyways.

    So glad to hear your mom is doing well. And so glad they caught it before it was too late!

    Fingers crossed for the internship!

    I'm glad things are going mostly well. And there is certainly nothing wrong with a diary style blog. I'm diggin' it! :)