Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Do Windows!

Not sure where this whirlwind of energy came from, but I’ll take it!  I’m thinking my VitD must be kicking in.  Let’s hope this round takes.  I really like feeling normal!

At any rate, I got quite a bit done today: I cleaned my windows.  Inside and out.  It was above freezing, not really windy, and bright and sunny.  The windows called me by name.   They are beautiful.  The daylight coming in is somehow different. I have a nice, clear view of the outside.

Which sparks a debate: are windows worth the effort?

Of course they are.  However, my contrary friend from B.C. disagrees. I think this stems more from her odd inkling to refer to slurpee flavors by their given names (Super Sunshine Raspberry Circus) instead of the correct nomenclature (by color).  This might be fun to discuss here at some point in time; she’s done that topic (in)justice already. The Great Slurpee Debate

But I digress.  Window work… Do you do windows? 

It doesn’t really take much time.  I just take vinegar and water, a scrubby sponge and a squeegee  and make it happen.  About twice per year.  Not only does it allow better quality light to come in, it makes the whole house feel clean.  I also get a chance to clean the casing, which can get really ucky. 

So tell me all about your window washing ways!


  1. RU kidding. I'm siding with the Canuck on this one! LOL

  2. I am laughing hard enough that I'm pretty sure I'm going to wake the offspring.

    Speaking as your contrary friend from BC, you know that I don't do windows. Nor do I dust. I think both chores are almost NEVER worth the effort. Certainly not worth mine.

    I will also admit, and if you ever bring this up I shall deny it to the end, I just like to debate crap with you, no matter how silly! In fact, ONLY if it's silly! LOL

  3. Never washed a window and never plan on doing it either. I've made it 35 years with "dirty windows" and I'll just bet I can make it another 35. By then I'll practically be dead and you can bury me under the dust pile that you wash from your windows!

  4. power washer. for the outside, of course. works like a charm (dish soap for the first round, plain water rinse) and I can reach the second level windows from the ground.

    I do dust, but only when the bunnies start requesting their own ssn.

  5. I'm really bad at dusting. Not proud of it, but dusting is NOT something I like to do. I do it when I can see it. But only after the boys have done their best to do it for me. :D