Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I’m a Lucky Girl

I really am.  I have a fantastic family.  Outside of that, I have some fantastic friends, and their family.
How many people can say they are still close with people from their childhood?  Not many.  My friend's family lost someone special last week.  As much as it pains me to be powerless to heal their hurt, I feel so blessed to be part of their circle.  While they were hurting, they took time to make ME feel special. 

Yeah, I’m a lucky girl.  And Erika, I WILL be collecting on that deal for an evening coffee with you… one of these days!

Healthcare is not a FREE Market

Did you know that hospitals have to get permission before opening?  They have to prove to the government that there is a need for their services.  They have to get what’s called a  “Certificate of Need.”
What other industry quashes the competition with such a tool? 

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the basics of supply and demand.  The more supply there is of something, the more the demand is relieved, and the price goes down.  The less there is of something, the more people want/need it, the more they are willing to pay for it, and the price goes up.

I’ve said for YEARS (because all the decision makers consult me, NOT) that health insurance is a layer of insulation over the health market. When people aren’t using their own money, they make purchasing decisions differently and suppliers innovate and price their products differently.

Couple this with the elimination of natural competition…
I’d like to see the following (because I’m a shining beacon in the dark, dreary world of healthcare politics):
  1. Eliminate the requirement for the “certificate of need.”
  2. Allow insurance companies to compete for business across state lines. 
  3. Phase in a scheme that combines a health savings account with an insurance plan, including a fair incentive to not overspend.
Anyway, these are my thoughts at this point.  I’m sure they’ll change, but not drastically.

More Food Room

I met a woman today.  She walks a mile in a few times per week to volunteer in the church thrift store.  She also walks in every week to attend services.  WALKS.  This time of year, we usually have a foot-ish of snow on the ground from December to February.  And She slipped and broke her leg a few years ago, and got some snow cleats.  So she can walk to church—several times per week. 

She got food today, but she was worried about taking too much to be able to carry on the bus. 
And here I thought I was doing pretty well for carving out three whole hours per week to volunteer.  The excuses I’ve made to not participate in stuff are so so so whimpy.  This lady WALKS to volunteer when she’s qualifies to be a recipient of the help.  I have so much, and yet my help in comparison is… nothing.

Last week, we were packaging up diapers (6 diapers to a package), and were talking about how we didn’t have any size 4 diapers.  This couple who was in to “shop” with us, heard the conversation, and bought a case of size 4 diapers because they wanted to give back.  A CASE.  Wow.

People are awesome.  That is all.

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