Friday, February 19, 2010

Allergy testing!

So today I went to the allergy doctor.  Instead of the uncomfortable poke-your-back-with-irritants test I was expecting, they drew blood.  I guess allergy testing has made some vast strides!  So we’ll hear what the deal is with the almonds in a week.  So I get to go back and pay another $50 copay.  Joy.  Though I’m still grateful to have insurance, so I won’t complain (too much).

Of course, I am having some reaction to something now.  It’s frustrating to not know what is going on.  I took some pictures.  No, it’s not just me with my eyes partially closed, they are puffy.  And the photo with my eyes closed… can you see the crease in the lid from the puff?  My right eyeball feels like it’s going to explode along with the sinus cavity behind it.  So I can’t sleep.


Class Discussion

Another reason I can’t sleep is that I keep thinking about a discussion in class tonight.  I disagreed with quite a few members in class about something, and I left out a critical detail in my reasoning.  It was an assumption on my part.  I’m frustrated with myself.  Though I’m not sure why I’m giving the issue such an audience, as (forgive me) they are all very young and entirely inexperienced with office politics and general business “stuff.”  So it wouldn’t have mattered.   But my 10+ years experience with that very topic in addition to my education in that topic shouldn’t be dismissed.  It really bugs me.  I guess I feel like I don’t fit in. 

I need to focus on the prize.  In 2 more years, I’ll be able to find a job where my skills and knowledge ARE appreciated. 

Austin Bomber

I’m so disgusted with the event in Austin, TX, today.  Domestic terrorism over frustration with politics.  Seriously?  Killing innocent people, somebody’s mother or father, sister, brother… over frustration?  Pathetic.  I have a string of names I’d like to call this guy… a software engineer who couldn’t get a job.  (REALLY???  That’s one of the more stable career paths these days) Yes.  Killing innocent people will fix it alright.

I suppose I hope he was mentally ill.  Seriously mentally ill.  That would make his action somehow more forgivable.

I’m going to try to get some sleep.  Hope you all are having better luck than me tonight!


  1. The guy was a lunatic... his rant was bizarre and frightening. I do think there was something wrong with him. I really do.

    I hope you get good answers with the allergy testing.

  2. Good gravy woman, I missed this post earlier and you were not kidding about your poor nosey! I'll bet that felt terrible! You know I have my fingers crossed for some answers to the allergy stuff, though the blood testing didn't seem to carry much weight. Odd. I don't know that much about the various types of testing. I'm interested in hearing more about your further testing and mostly am hoping that you get some solid answers (well, as solid as possible).

    I don't like being dismissed by young people who I know I'm older and wiser (etc.), either. But that is the way of the young. And I'm sure we were both guilty of driving the wiser among us crazy in our youth. Universal payback? LOL

    I also know that it drives me crazy when I realise at 3AM that I've forgotten to include an important point to a debate... which is why our Slurpee debates go on for days. Years! ROFL