Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

It’s Valentine’s day!  I was greeted this morning with a lovely card and many hugs and kisses! 

I took the little Valentines to Starbucks yesterday for a little treat.

Valentine boys

Tonight we’re having a store bought rotisserie chicken, baked potatoes, salad, and a yummy trifle.  MMMmmm, Chocolate cake, vanilla pudding, cherries, and whipped topping!  The woodsman will be pleased to come home to such fare!

I took the boys out for some pictures quickly the other day.  These are the best of them.  Silly me… rainy / cloudy day near sunset.  So I had to turn off the flash, extending the lens time, so they are a bit blurry.

011021  029

Two moving targets.  Yeah, didn’t get a shot of them together.  It gets harder and harder!  Though I think the first shot of Cosmo is pretty decent.  I might play with a bit… desaturate and/or BW all or part.  I love Cosmo in that hat!  Swing was adorable, but was constantly in motion.  The least blurry picture of him has a beer can in it.  Croppable, I suppose.  LOL

Nothing else interesting going on, really.  School is fine.  I got one essay back.  18/20, but no comments as to why I missed two points.  Bummer.  I like knowing what the target is.  At least the grade is decent enough!

Washed the car yesterday.  So of course it rained today.  My bad!

I have an allergist appointment on Thursday.  That will be interesting.  Perhaps I’ll get lots of answers!


  1. 1) The boys are so big! So cute!

    2) I did not know you blogged

    3) I didn't not know about your unexpected change of path!

    4) I have been thinking of you and the other "right" girls. I'm glad to have stumbled here!

  2. What handsome fellows! And yes, you should know better about washing your car! I can smell freshly cut grass and hear the birds singing today. Gotta love the West Coast! :D

  3. Thanks, Knitter and Yash! Knitter, I only started blogging in August when my "career path" changed, that is to say it came to a dead end. LOL. Started off as a way to talk about my frustrations, but now is more of a kaleidescope of daily living. :)

    I've been thinking about the "right stuff" too... but lost the link when they took my computer. Alas.

  4. So I'm sure hubby enjoyed the trifle...since I know how much he likes desserts.
    Yeah I washed my car a couple of weekends ago and 2 days later it rained....why does that always fair.

  5. Ladies, there is a simple solution:

    Stop washing your car.

    Works for me (of course, we're in a drought, so maybe I should..... but I won't!)