Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vitamin D-Day… again

Well, folks, apparently my summer course of high-dose vitamin D was insufficient to bring my levels above the “severely deficient” line.  So I’m on the D again.  Weekly pills of 50,000 IU. 

I’m thinking I should be able to write off the family’s trip to Mexico as a medical expense, since there’s not enough sunlight where I’m at for my body to synthesize the vitamin D from the UVB rays.  How horrible.  I’ll have to lay in the sun to get healthy.  Pity me.

Seriously, though, I will be sure to spend some unprotected time in the sun each day UP HERE (the Mexico sun will be too intense to go without sunscreen, methinks) to see what I can do to increase my levels.  I’m surprised the first course “didn’t take.”  I can’t remember if I was at 18 or 22 before, but I’m up to 24 now, and the “line” is drawn at 30.  I hope this course does the trick!

I did see some 2000IU pills at Costco today.  I do have a liquid D3, and when that’s out, I’ll get the pill form. 

Next time you need a blood draw, PLEASE request a vitamin D check!

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  1. HA, I found where I wrote it down... my Vitamin D levels were at 20 before. In case anyone was REALLY THAT interested. :D