Friday, August 28, 2009

Yay, it's FRIDAY! ...not that it really matters...

So it's Friday. I used to look forward to fridays. Now it's just another day. It's been a rougher day. I have a cold, and the boys are settling back into the old routine after being at Grandma and Grandpa's (x2) and various and sundry other fun locations. I am much less interesting.

We have a park going into our neighborhood. It was (re(re(re)))scheduled to be completed this weekend. Alas. That would have been nice. They could have screamed to their hearts content and I could have mocked up the coma I was hoping for.

Now the sssh-ed-ju-wull has not been completed yet. Okay, it hasn't been started yet. I need to get out our calendar and start filling in menu plans and other daily activities. A prototype model, if you will.

Friday's Itinerary
Because I believe in measurement, and that you can only improve what you measure, here's a snapshot of today's activities:

8:30 roll out of bed (unemployment has it's perks)
9:00 make malt-o-meal for breakfast
9:10 clean up spilled malt-o-meal
9:30 dishes, get boys dressed
9:32 send fighting boys outside to run laps
9:36 send fighting boys outside to run laps again
9:39 give up, lock the back doors, take a shower
10:00, see how the boys behave!
10:05 more laps
10:15 consent to allow the 3 yo to open a box containing a laptop tray thing.
10:20 vacuum up all the bits of broken styrofoam beads on the carpet. Not ready for winter yet.
10:30 7yo watches Indiana Jones whilst the 3yo watches Dora
10:31 Mommy gets to catch up on emails... though really... not much going on in THAT department these days. NOT that I'm complaining.
11:00 unpack

Okay, I confess, I can't remember exactly how it all went down until noontime when we had smoothies for lunch. But what a healthy lunch it was!

1:00 First attempt at naptime -- Sadly, we are growing out of these. It's more like an every other day sort of event. Since we haven't had one in the last couple days, it was very needed. Alas, it was not to be.

3:00 I'm exhausted. Side effect of the cold. Nose needs a faucet to turn it off, and I'm just tired. I let the boys turn on Indiana Jones again, hoping they'd watch it quietly while I laid down. Yeah, didn't work

Cut to the chase--It's not really interesting
Okay, suffice it to say, I don't have a schedule. I need to figure out a couple periods during the day when I can play a bit on the computer or read, and otherwise, I need some little activities for the busy fingers around here.

I miss outlook. I need to just order the new computer and start using the time management tool I'm used to. We are odd creatures, aren't we? Is it me clinging to my worky lifestyle, or is it me really just used to one way of doing things? I'm not feeling like I'm accomplishing much.

No, it is not available on Dish on Demand. In case you were interested. So I need to buy a DVD or something. I'll tell you, though, it won't be as fun as the CLASS. With the instructor. And my girlfriends. But it will be good. I'll do it with my boys instead.

"The Whys"
I'll be honest. I'm struggling with a case of the WHYs. Why me. Why not someone else. How long was my name on the list? Who REALLY was the one who decided my skills were less necessary than someone else's? Intellectually, I know it's absurd. Knowing wouldn't bring me any peace; quite the opposite, I'm sure. I'd really like to pass through this part.

Vitamin D-Day
Friday is vitamin D-day. Huh?? Yeah, I know. I guess I'm severely deficient in the Vitamin D. I had no idea this was possible. My arms are tan. My face is... tannish. (I call my legs "snow cammo," so no sun there). I buy the vitamin D enriched stuff. But yeah. I have to take 50,000 IUs per week. No typo there. Get your Vitamin D checked! I guess here in the Northwest, it's pretty common. The UVB is what synthesizes the vitamin D, and that's what all the sunscreens block out (as it also causes the burn... UVA is what tans), and it's only available during a narrow window of time, even in the summer up here. Evidently, the angle of the sun is an important factor. Next time you have to have blood drawn for some reason, ask for a vitamin D test! It's simple, and there's no need to study. Google it. :D

The boxes
I have a few boxes of desk stuff in the garage. I have no idea what to do with them. Not ready to unpack them yet. Though I'll have to get to them eventually.

Next week
On the agenda: start all the "stuff." COBRA, education benefits??, education options, blah blah blah, phone calls and seminars and paperwork.

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  1. I'm glad you decided to do kinda helps to write out your frustrations/thoughts, etc..

    I so know how you feel too and let me tell you I have to smile real big when I hear my former co-workers say they miss me and that the gal they have doing my job now....just doesn't do it right. Hey, I knew that when they laid me off but it is their (companies) problem/headache now, not mine. It took me a while to unload my boxes too they sat down in my craft room for a couple of months.