Friday, December 18, 2009

Baby Jesus Superhero

The baby Jesus from our Nativity broke this year.  I was quite bummed about that.  It would seem that Swing was displeased as well; he remedied the situation thusly:

Baby Jesus Superhero 001

So I’m doing what any mother would do… sharing this photo shamelessly, like my child is the onliest child in the world to come up with something so amusing.  Oh, he’s a dear!  Who knew baby Jesus came complete with a metallic blue mask, hotpants, and silver boots?!

Play: A Rented Christmas

I got to see my friend perform in her first play tonight!  Well, the first run of the play was last night, but you all know what I mean.  It was a cute play!  Good job Tracy!  You make a fantastic old woman!

It was also lovely to see so many other people I used to work with!  Fun night for sure.  Good to know I’m not “dead to them.”

Cosmo, cake, and ice cream

I took Cosmo to see it.  It was great to do something one one one with him.  He enjoyed it, too.  Afterwards, I took him to DQ for ice cream; I’d promised him some last night for being a big help.  As luck would have it, I also found the perfect ice cream cake for Swing’s birthday party!  It actually said “happy birthday” on it, and it was a baseball theme.  Nice!  Do you know how hard it is to find a birthday cake this time of year???  Well, I guess if you are more of a June Cleaver than I am, you might not, as you’d be baking your own perfect cakes. 

I was considering making my own version of an ice cream cake, but when I saw this, I quickly decided that was a foolhardy idea, and bought it right up.  I might have some artistic abilities, but cake baking/making/decorating really just is not one of them.  I see no need to punish my dear children with dreadful renditions of makeshift birthday cakes for the sake of my ego.  Though I’ll admit I’m envious of those of you who are talented in this regard!  I can’t even frost a plain cake and have it look remotely attractive.  I’ve tried.

Though let’s not belabor the birthday cake.  The point is that the children will be celebrated and feel special, right?  Now I just need to figure out what Swing will want for dinner, and we’ll be set!

Julie and Julia

Was a pretty good movie.  Now I want to get the Julia Child cookbook, and see what magic lies within.  I’ve always enjoyed cooking, and I’m in a bit of a culinary rut as far as dinnertime goes, so it might be nice to find some inspiration.  Though I have zero desire to blog about it. 


I think I’ve mentioned this product once before, but it’s definitely worth another mention!  It’s a VOIP phone system.  You know, a phone that doesn’t use a phone line; it works over your internet connection.  The deal is that you buy the hardware for $200 and have no additional monthly fees.  There is a “premium” service for $10 per month which allows you to forward voicemails to email and have a second phone number on the same line, etc.  It’s darn cool stuff. 

We’ve had ours for nearly a month now, and our phone number “ported over” easily.  They did all the work!  We tried Vonage about a year ago, and that was a disaster.  It was out in less than a month.  I don’t think we even got all our money back, but we didn’t care, it was THAT bad.  But Ooma… different story!  Give it a whirl if you are tired of spending $60 on a landline! 

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  1. What a perfect thing to blog about...those cute things the kids do. I love it.