Friday, December 4, 2009

Cosmo and the school bus

So Cosmo got kicked off the bus today.  Suspended until we can have a conference.  I guess he “won’t stay in the safety zone until the bus leaves” in the afternoon.  This is because a 5th grade kid tackles him every afternoon on the way home.  I’ve wanted to foster some growth and independence and allow him to take action; I’ve encouraged him to tell the bus driver or the school counselor, and/or get off at the next stop (which is actually a tad closer to home). 

At any rate, the good news just keeps coming, eh?

I called the pediatrician, hoping to make his next meds evaluation appointment a little short of 30 days.  Good thing I called today, because she’s booked up to a couple days after the meds run out! 

School update

So this week, I took another practice test for the GRE, expecting to test “for real” on Wednesday.  YIKES.  The school likes to see a score of 1000 or better, and I was shy by about 40 points.  I didn’t want to take any chances.  So I took a practice test for the GMAT, and had better luck.  School likes to see 500 or better, and I scored 550.  WHEW.  I got a new study guide for the new (and slightly different) test, and scheduled my test for Wednesday morning next week.  I’m excited about school!  SO close!

Family pictures

Well, I think I finally talked (read: guilted) the Woodsman into sitting for family pictures.  We’ve done that once.  Unless you count wedding pictures, in which case its’ been twice.  At any rate, we have family pictures with Cosmo, but not with Swing.  Swing will see the picture with Cosmo as a 2 year old, and think it’s him. 

We’re going to try to use the auto timer and sit in front of the Christmas tree.  I’m a bit nervous about that… not having someone here to just snap until a got shot is got.  What I’d really love is to go outside somewhere in nature and have a friend take our picture.

I think those generally are better, more natural, and they avoid the whole studio scheduling fiasco with hour long waits and crabby kids.  You know… either your kid is being rude to someone else’s child, and the parents are giving you the evil eye, or some other kid is being a dreadful brat and his/her parent(s) are oblivious?  Yeah.  And THEN, there’s the whole photo selection (read: hardsell) process where they mock up collages with bad poses and smarmy sayings emblazoned in some girly font… yeah.  Not to mention the ease of uploading your shots to Costco or shutterfly and ordering the prints for $0.79 ea, instead of $10/sheet on sale. 

Christmas Music

I like the old carols and hymns the best.  The ones with lots of bells and trumpets, etc.  The more modern stuff is okay… but I only like it sprinkled in here and there.  You? 

I love the channels on DishNetwork.  Right now I’m listening to the little drummer boy.  Life is good.

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