Sunday, November 29, 2009

I love Christmas decor

I’ll love it even more in about 5 years when it doesn’t get played with, LOL.  I think I’m done!  The tree is up, the Nativity is up, stockings are up, other cute little pieces are out…

Feeling encouraged

So I filed my unemployment claim today and applied for 3 jobs like the state requires.  I found TWO of the three in Lean Healthcare!  How exciting to know that my “passion” exists outside of manufacturing and hi-tech! 


Well, I haven’t talked about this much, but there’s a chance that the Woodsman might become an Alaska State Trooper.  We should know for sure in a week or so if he’ll be invited for an interview.  So we’ve been doing some contingency planning in the event that he’s fortunate enough to be offered a spot at the academy (successful completion of which is a spot on the force).

At any rate, the plan would be for me (and the boys) to stay here while I go to school, and Nate would do training and work while I finish the degree. 

Since my classes start at 4, and are about 35-40 minutes away, and Cosmo gets home at 3:30-3:40… we’re thinking we’ll need a nanny.  Someone to come here and take care of the boys.

And… Swing will start Kindergarten in a year and a half, so depending on his hours, I might need someone home for him, too.

Lots to think about there. 

This plan (assuming a move to Alaska is in our future) also minimizes the family time spent living in the bush.  Though I think living in a remote area will be good for us… it will be nice to have a shorter “required” stay before making the decision to stay remote or not.  Though I’m thinking if I’m going to work, we’ll have to live in a larger city. 

Or… we could stay here.  Either way, we’ll be doing just fine. :D

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