Saturday, November 28, 2009


Seems I need to finally just nail down my family nicknames.  I was hoping to find something creative that shares initials with the boys; it took forever, but the names came to me late at night.
Halloween 148 
Also known as C.  He’ll be 8 on December 29, is currently in the 2nd grade, is a phenomenal reader and is curious about all things scientific.

Halloween 138
Also known as S.  He will be 4 on the Solstice, December 21.  He’s a lively little gent.  Very affectionate and has a way with flattery.  He has also recently learned that just because I ask or tell him to do something, doesn’t mean he HAS to. 

020 The Woodsman
Also known as “the hubs.”  My mate of 13 years, and avid outdoorsman.  When I say “avid outdoorsman,” what I mean is “one who refuses to sit for a photo without a dead animal in the shot.”  I was lucky enough to find something NOT In the field.  You’re welcome.  Though I swear I’m going to get family pictures if I have to take drastic measures.

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