Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have so very much to be thankful for today.  Though my family has faced a couple sizeable challenges in the second half of this year… we are just fine.  In fact, the challenges are blessings.


It’s not been an easy ride, but overall… we’ve learned more how our son “operates.”  I didn’t WANT to put him on meds, but now that he’s on them, I see how life is so much better for him.  He has so many more successes, is able to control his behavior more, is able to learn more at school… or be able to show his knowledge like he wasn’t able to before.  Family life is so much calmer… normal.  We are all better people.


I have an opportunity to go to school.  For free.  With an income.  Seriously?  If we’d been presented with two options… one to remain employed with a decent income, or two: to collect a decent unemployment and go to school for free to get a master’s degree and be able to change industries… we’d definitely have selected the second option.

Other things I’m grateful for:

My family.  Sounds trite… but they complete me.  My husband balances me out.  We’re good for each other.  My children teach me something new every day, and constantly offer me opportunities to increase my patience.

More family and friends.  I have the best parents ever.  Google it.  It’s there.  They taught me to love God and to work hard, and they encourage me at whatever I take on.  The only thing missing are the pom-poms.  They do have cheers.  My sister is a dear… the sweetest, kindest soul that ever lived.  My brother will come around.  I still have a relationship with my best friend since the third grade, Erika.  I’m so lucky to have her. 

My home.  We are warm.  We have hot, running water.  We have a huge backyard for the boys to play in, to barbecue, to enjoy the outdoors.  We have a beautiful park a tenth of a mile away.  It’s a pretty nice house, with amenities that aren’t needs.  Filled with furniture, tools, appliances, love.

God.  He’s taken such good care of us.  We’ve put some work in, but it’s been more than worth it, and the work wasn’t really that hard.  When I’ve had faith, I’ve never been let down.  And I don’t deserve it.

Coffee.  You might think I’m joking, but I’m not.  :)

There are so many “things” to be grateful for.  I cannot possibly list them all.  I’ve read (and cannot find to link a reference) that the poorest 10% in the US is among the wealthiest 10% of the world.  What a mind bender!  We are so blessed in this country that we don’t even comprehend the difficulties others go through every day.

On that note, I bid you all a very blessed Thanksgiving.

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