Monday, November 16, 2009


I should mention C’s improvements over the last week.  While he’s not “magically cured,” and even though he still has most of the bad behaviors, there HAVE been some improvements.  He’s been more inclined to help his brother, encourage him, or say nice things to and about him.  This is a pretty big deal!  Also, once he gets over his bullheadedness, he can get things done quickly!  He’s been a big help in the kitchen, and he got his room clean in a matter of minutes, PLUS he helped clean his brother’s room TWICE in one day!

So I’m hopeful that the “natural” ADHD methods are at least helping.

We still plan to fill the script.  We (I??) also plan to implement more of the dietary suggestions.  We’ll need to remove dairy out of his diet, and feed him a high protein breakfast.  He’ll be on a dairy-free-south-beach-esque diet.  This is the plan.  :)

The reasons we will still fill the script is to try to eliminate as much of the bad behaviors as possible right off.  S looks up to C and has been emulating most of the bad behaviors, and has been throwing epic tantrums, etc.  We just can’t have this.

Also, I’d like to get him on the path to success as soon as possible.  After jump starting his brain on the meds, and being on the diet/supplementation for a month or so… we’ll see how he does off the meds on Christmas break or something.

I’ll tell you, this stuff ain’t easy.  It seems as if everyone has an opinion, and all opinions are pretty polar.  “you MUST medicate your child, or you are abusing him/her!!!  Give them the opportunity only pharmaceuticals can provide!”  “If you give your child a stimulant for his behavior problems, you are poison him/her and suicide and/or crack addiction is inevitable!”  Why can’t people just see that this is a huge decision and give them the tools to make the decision that best fits the family????

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