Sunday, November 22, 2009

Snowy Sunday

Snow 033

We got to play outside today.  C (foreground), in fact, has spent most of today outside in the snow.  Hook him up with some snow gear and he’s a regular Abominable Snowman!  I’m glad, it’s good for him.  Fresh air, exercise… appreciate the warm house on the inside…

It’s a great day for coffee and a movie. 

Planet 51

Speaking of movie, we saw “Planet 51” yesterday.  It was cute.  The boys deserved a movie after running errands with me!  I had to return a couple of items at two different stores, and had to go grocery shopping, and I bought our new Ooma at Costco.  Hours of boredom.  Thank heavens for the playland at Fred Meyer!


The Ooma is a VOIP with no monthly fees.  You purchase the hardware for a couple hundred bucks, sign up for an annual “super service option” if you’d like, and then you are phone bill free.  YAY!  So once the phone number is ported over successfully, we’ll be able to cancel the landline, and we’ll get a family plan with AT&T so I can get the iPhone that I covet.

We tried Vonage; that was a disaster.  So far, a big difference between the Ooma and the Vonage is that Ooma has you sign over authority to work with the phone company for you, so you don’t have to play the middle man fighting back and forth and getting nothing done.  And since you don’t have to fight back and forth, you don’t have to talk to “offshore” “customer service.”  I know this because we let my parents be the Ooma guinea pigs.

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