Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It’s been a while!

A lot has happened since my last post.  I took the GMAT, we heard back from Alaska, and Cosmo had his one month meds review with the ped.


I didn’t score well enough to get into Harvard Business School, but I did score well enough to get into THIS school!  Though my math scores were… not great.  Ah, well.  I haven’t been officially accepted yet.  I hope to hear this week.  I’m excited to get everything rolling and be ENROLLED!

I applied for a grant!

Wish me luck!  Friday night, the Woodsman and I were talking about the pell grant that people in college and on unemployment are receiving, but I realized I don’t qualify, as it’s not for graduate programs.  So I started to google for other grants.

I found a “career development” grant!  It was due this last tuesday!  I worked on it until the wee hours of the morning every night until I turned it in on tuesday, an hour before the cutoff time.  CRAZY!  I needed a recommendation for it, and my fantabulous former boss completed a recommendation before I even asked him to!  (it emailed him before I submitted the application, and I didn’t realize that would happen).  How fortunate am I?

I should find out in April if I receive any grant money.  I applied for assistance with Childcare.  Either the Woodsman will still be here, working most afternoons and evenings and I’ll need someone to come here (Cosmo gets out of school too late for me to take him somewhere, and daycares/sitters close up shop before my classes are out), or he won’t be here at all, and I’ll need someone to come here (same time crossover).

I’m hoping I’ll be able to find a college student or single mother who needs a place to stay and that what I can pay will be enough to be a good help for them, too! 


So Cosmo has seen some obvious improvements.  But he’s still… antsy.  He’s chewed off a 1/4” by 1” section off of his coat… you know, where the collar ends and sits right by your mouth?  Yeah.  He’s also cut holes in another 3 or so shirts since he’s been on meds, and he still won’t stand still.  He’ll hold onto something in front of him and jump (like the kitchen counter or the arm of the couch), or he’ll spin.  And spin.  His handwriting has vastly improved, and he’s much less combative.  He’s starting to see that he CAN do things, and he doesn’t feel like a lost cause, so he’s much more cooperative.  It’s all around good. 

His dose was upped to see if it won’t correct the remaining issues.  Overall, I’m glad we did it, though.  The vitamins and diet did help a little.  I’d say there was about a 15-20% improvement.  But the meds have taken the improvement level to 80%, and we’ll see if the dose change doesn’t bring him much closer to normal!


The final frontier.  The Woodsman has an interview!  He’ll be in Anchorage Jan 5 for his physical fitness test, interview, and essay.  They’ll tell him that day if he’ll continue on for the remainder of the recruitment process.  If he does, he’ll remain in Anchorage until about the 13th for other psychological and medical tests.

It’s great to know that he’s been selected to continue on; the only downside is that we still have the enigmatic cloud hanging over our family’s future.  But I’m not complaining.


I’ve yapped about everyone in the family here except for Swing.  He’s still a little charmer.  :)  Cute little imp, he is.  Though he hasn’t been sleeping well lately, and he’s been getting crabby and difficult.  He even has dark circles under his little eyes.  I’ve been giving him melatonin (pediatrician okayed) and even though bedtime isn’t a three hour struggle anymore, he’ll still wake up and be up in the middle of the night, and he’ll get up for the day quite early.  He’s almost 4 (Monday birthday!), and should be getting about 12 hours of sleep per night, but he gets closer to 8 hours total.  I try to make sure he gets a nap, but at 4 years old, naptime is waning.

***Note to self… post more often, otherwise you’ll write tooooo much!***


  1. Jackson does the chewing on clothing thing also.

    Glad that everything is starting to fall into place for you!

    I think of you guys often!

  2. Congrats on all of your good news. You were due!

    B does the chewing thing occasionally still. Usually its the cuffs of the long sleeves he wears. It's better now.

    Merry Christmas to you all!