Friday, January 15, 2010

School Starts! … almost

Well, today is my first day of school.  Kind of.  Seems as if the professor was unable to make it, so I’ll have my first day in class tomorrow. 

I guess starting in the spring is unusual.  So I’ll have to take five semesters.  I’m a bit bummed, but perhaps it will make my entire workload a bit easier to bear? 

I’m so pleased and humbled with how things turned out.  I had a small panic that I wouldn’t be able to get TAA funding for this as one of the requirements is for training to be completed in two years.  But I squeaked in.  The woodsman did the math: I’m benefitting from an $83,000 gift.  Including the books, tuition, parking, unemployment that I’ll be able to collect while going to school.  WOW. 

I’m already a pretty excited about some of the class content.  Looks like there is some focus on quality systems and organizational excellence.  MEASUREABLES! 

We have a direction

It’s so nice to know what is going on with the family!  To know that the Woodsman will be home to help me with the boys and the housework while I go to school.  To know that I WILL be in school, and that we don’t have big money worries.

For example, right now, I’m at the library (you know, the library most towns have… the one with the green mermaid???  shhhh… I’d have gone to the REAL library, but I was dying for coffee).  The Woodsman is home with the boys.  In his mind, my education is the family’s highest priority.  It’s nice.  I know many women don’t get this kind of help and support from their men at home.  It’s nice.  Especially in a world where women don’t often get recognition or support in the workplace.  Even when I felt like dust that had been swept under the rug at work, I was able to come home to a much better environment. 

I really feel for the women out there that battle all of their lives.  Including the women who’s primary occupation is at HOME.  We shouldn’t have to vie for appreciation from those who purportedly love us the most.

Personal Trainer

I had a meeting with the personal trainer at the gym.  I now have even more direction!!!  YAY!  I have achilles tendonitis in one ankle, and a mild case of arthritis, and difficulty losing weight even on a strict diet and exercise program, so she came up with something to work around all that!  I’ll do weights 3-4 times per week, yoga twice per week, and the elliptical until my ankle bugs me.

I’m on a mission.  Life is still busy, but is much more manageable now than it had been.  AND there’s direction.

Now I just need to develop all of my measureables and targets.  You can only improve what you measure, you know!

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