Monday, January 4, 2010

We are members!!!

We joined the local community center / gym this weekend!  It’s been fun.  I can’t wait to try out classes!  I spent Saturday and Sunday in the pool with the boys.  Cosmo loves the water slide, and Swing likes clinging to me for dear life as we float in the “lazy river.”  It’s been nice.

I think I should be able to attend a class tomorrow.  There’s an arthritis water aerobics class tomorrow, I was thinking about checking that out.  I didn’t go today only because I was working on the item below:

More school drama 

Well, one can’t expect to make a major change in life and have the implementation go smoothly, right?  Well, I was told last Wednesday that because I’ll be starting in the spring instead of the fall, I’ll have to take 5 semesters, not 4 to finish the program.  This is due to the way the courses are rotated in the fall and spring semesters.

I was left worrying over the holiday weekend, but the TAA counselor (government funding guy) assured me that they will find a way to work through this.  So that’s a relief!

The Woodsman is in Anchorage!

He landed safely, retrieved the rental car, and made it to his home for a week!  He takes a fitness test and interviews tomorrow.  With his interview is an essay.  Please pray for him!  I want nothing more in life than for him to have not a job, but a CAREER that he loves.  I hope he does well and is able to get on as a wildlife trooper.

We’ll know tomorrow if he’ll be coming home (not accepted) or staying on for an additional week for more physical and psychological testing.

We have a sitter

Finding a sitter was no easy task.  There were quite a few qualified ladies that applied on  That was money well spent!  At any rate, we found a young gal who will come here and watch the boys for a few hours on a couple days per week. 

It will be nice to have more direction here in the next couple days.  To know exactly what is going on.  We’ve done a good job contingency planning, I think… now we just need to wait and see which one to implement!  I see the light at the end of the tunnel!  YAY!

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