Thursday, January 7, 2010

Staying put!

So the Woodsman interviewed for the trooper position yesterday and it was a no-go.  I thought I’d be disappointed if he didn’t get the job.  But he’s really fine with it, so I am, too.  I feel peace about the whole thing, so I know it’s all good.

He decided that he didn’t really want to move the family way up there, anyway.  I think it was really hard on him when Swing wouldn’t hug or kiss him goodbye at the airport, and he realized what TWO YEARS of being apart would be like. 

So we both feel good about the outcome.  I’m glad he went and experienced it all.  And came to his own conclusion. 


Still not enrolled!  I think this is going to be a very super extra last minute deal.  Holy moly.  Being the middle man between the two entities has slowed things down, I think. Plus, I tested pretty late.  I had no idea this stuff would take so long!  WOW!  School starts in 5 days!  There are 2 business days between now and then.  Talk about cutting it close!

Swing swims!

Cosmo has loved the water since he took his first bath.  I fear he’ll mutate and grow gills.  For serious.  Swing, notsomuch.  He’s the yin to Swing’s yang. 

So we signed them both up for swimming lessons in the early fall.  Swing made some big improvements, but didn’t “pass.” He clings to me for dear life in the water.  He does like the idea of water, but does not trust himself to float or move on his own.

Enter the floaty suit!  (highly technical term).  Granted, I had to peel him off of my neck, but once he realized he was floating, he was SO proud!  We had lots of fun!  Out came the boy who says “I do it myself!”  He didn’t want me to help him move! 

So I’m excited to go back!

wet smile

Cosmo LOVES the water!


Hmmm, perhaps torture early on turned Swing sour on the whole water thing??


Don’t get me wet!!!

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