Friday, October 9, 2009

I think I'm IN!

I had my TAA orientation this week, and I think I'm going to have my schooling paid for!  YAY!!  My job went overseas 8 years ago, and because of that, I received two years worth of education benefits that can never expire.  I still need to meet with a counsellor to determine if I have a solid plan, and that the program I'm about to enter is a good one, etc.  I'm pretty hopeful.  The program is at a State University and has a 98% placement rate within 90 days in a high demand/ high growth industry!  Healtcare!  Wish me luck!  I'm still leaving the possibility that I don't acutally qualify open in my head.  I really don't want to be disappointed with this!

In the meantime, I'm still plugging along with the old job search. 

The holidays are coming
A friend recently wrote about holiday baking.  Now I'm all excited about the idea of baking.  I'll actually have TIME to bake this year!  I won't be battling the snow packed roads and traffic for an hour and a half every evening to pick up the boys from the sitter and school.  (Several inches of packed snow and ice on the roads really impacts the intersections)!  My weekends won't be consumed with getting chores done.  I can make fudge, gingersnaps, sugar cookies... MORE!  I can give treats away to people who have a love/hate relationship with receiving such goodies.  I can go out in the snow with my little guy and come inside to a yummy smelling house!  I won't have to rely on candles to accomplish the yummy smelling house!  Oh, to enjoy the coffee while watching a Pixar DVD with my favorite cuddle bug and a cup of coffee (and/or cocoa).

Life is good. 


  1. :) I'm so happy things are falling into place for you. It's refreshing to see you emerge from all of this in a much better (healthier) place with a door closing, but another one with better possibilities right there waiting! Your go-getter personality sure is an asset and I know you are going to find success in whatever path you are led to explore! I am so happy for you my friend! You deserve only the best!

  2. Amy, congrats on the schooling. You'll do well in health care management. My most rewarding job was in the healthcare realm. You'll have no regrets. Be thankful that The Company let you go. It opened doors for you that you wouldn't have tried.

  3. Thank you, Carla and Preston! I am more and more grateful. I knew it was a gift from the beginning. There are still days where I feel a bit left out or unwanted, but those are beginning to be more and more infrequent. Life is good!