Monday, October 5, 2009

Wait, it's October??

News flash!  We are well into October.  You have got to be kidding me!  I was thinking about this earlier today.  The change in seasons came way way too quickly.  It feels off.  I'm thinking that's because time passes differently when one is not employed.  Well, I suppose it passes exactly the same, but it feels different.  So October is surprising.  Though I'm loving the cooler weather.

I got the boys cozied up witn a couple new hats and gloves.  This stuff must be procured early in the season. I've learned this lesson.  Do not wait for the sale.  Don't do it.  There will be nothing to choose from.  Not one item in the right size, all the good colors will be gone in your size, etc.  Just not worth the $4.86 you'd save.  Trust me.  I've been there.

I also did the math and realized that I spent 20% of my life with my former employer.  No wonder it was difficult to fully process that I was no longer necessary there.  So much of my identity was wrapped up in that place.  Though they gave my my degree and my six sigma education as well as various and sundry experiences, and none of that stayed within the card-keyed doors. 

Chasing the dream... School
Tomorrow is the day I go to see if the Government will apologize to me via education benefits for making it easy for my job to be deported 8 years ago.  Wish me luck!  I'm still chasing down the education trail.  Full on!

Refer news
In other good news, I am now the proud owner of a pretty LG refrigerator.  Seven year warranty on the compressor.  This is a good thing.  Though I suppose it means the thing will go out in eight years.  Perhaps we should start saving for the replacement now???  I'll tell you, though, it's so nice to have shelves and drawers, and not have to sift through a cooler to find the mustard.  We are so spoiled by technology!

I've been taking the Aleve for my gout.  Gout is a sexy word for "gooey arthritis."  It's hot.  You should see me walk in the mornings.  Sight to behold.  Someting you can't un-see.  At any rate, I now have heartburn.  From the Aleve.  The only other times I've had heartburn have been during my pregnancies.  I know what you are thinking, and that's not funny.  Nor is it creative.  It's the Aleve.  Need to get better at the whole "take this with food" deal.

Coming this month:
The hubs goes hunting again.  And the sis comes to visit.  Fun to be had by all!  I'm excited to to the pumpkin patch with 5 boys (she has three... my family only produces the XY flavor).  I'm hoping for a lot of photo ops with the kiddos, and imbibing in the Bux for the girls.  :D  Anyone want to join us for apple pies?

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