Friday, October 2, 2009

Murphey lives!

It was inevitable.  A four digit purchase was so clear in the crystal ball, wasn't it?  That's how it happens.  A major job/life change equals an appliance going out.  [C sub l = n < 1000] <-- For my geek buddies. So we purchased a new refrigerator today.  Yay.  That $1200 was burning a hole in my pocket.  I didn't have any other plans for it.  Like to live off of it if we have to in the near future.

Ah, well, if that's the worst thing that happens this year, we're in good shape.

Here's how the conversation with the hubs went last night:

Me: Dear, The freezer is out.  I had to move everything to the deep freezer in the garage.  You know how we thought it didn't get shut all the way last week?  I think it's a bigger problem than that.  Hear that buzzing every minute or so?  I'm pretty sure it's the compressor.  I think we should just cut our losses, suck it up, save a hundred bucks on a service call and get a new one.
Him: Well, we won't know that FOR SURE if we don't have a tech come out.
Me: We've needed a tech annually for seven years on this thing, it's a frigidaire like the freezer we replaced a year ago, and the compressor failure was just like this one
Him: I don't want to have to spend a thousand bucks if we don't have to, let's call a tech.

Wasn't worth an argument.  He did have a very valid point.  He called a tech who told him over the phone it was the compressor and that we should save our money on a service call and go replace the thing.  (It's $100 for a service call and about $700-800 to replace the compressor).  So we were both right, I guess.

Note to self: consider appliance repair as a fall back occupation

Good news, bad news:
The good news: we have a pretty titanium LG job with a 7 year warranty on the compressor.  :)  I think I got a pretty good price on it!  One day I'll do a Product Rage Review on Fridgidaire products.  The bad news: the next open delivery date is Monday, so I have three full days (plus whatever the partial is on monday) to listen to the buzzing every minute.

Sleep is for the weak.
So I'm typing here with my iTunes playing loud enough to distract me from the buzzing but not so loud as to disturb the fam.  It's 1:21 am right now.  I took a whole benadryl.  Used to be that half of one knocked me out.  The Trazodone hasn't worked fantastically well, so I thought I'd give the OTC remedies another try.  Silly, silly me.  Interesting how Tom Petty is "Running Down a Dream." and I can't even find the map.

There was something else floating through the lazy susan of my midnight mind... it's gone away.  I am pretty sure the only way to retrieve the thought is to futile-ly attempt sleep again.

The kiddos
My guys are the best things ever.  For serious.  The youngest picked me some weeds, like three year olds do so well.  He's so proud of himself when he does this.  His round little cheeks practically hide his adorable hazel eyes.  He notices that one dandelion stem is bent and the "flower" looks unwell.  He quickly runs to the closet and retrieves a small strip of scotch tape and "fixes" it.  (I can hear my small audience's "aaaaws" over the 'net). 

My eldest is quite seriously VERY smart.  He's a brilliant kid.  I spent about an hour with him reading his "Book of knowledge" from Usborne (a super-duper publisher, by the way... check them out) about blood, the heart and lungs.  We followed the links listed in the book to see some great video clips and illustrations and descriptions.  He was so enthralled.  Then he got tired of reading.  LOL.  I had been buying him standard kids' reading fare: Henry Higgins and Ramona, the stuff I loved when I was young.  He isn't interested.  He wants facts.  I didn't know kids came in that flavor. 

Just had to brag them up a bit.  :)  Tomorrow we go to the movies!  MMmmmm, popcorn!

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  1. So glad the C-man is loving his Usborne books. They really are fantastic!

    And a big awwwww for the S-man and his tape job on his dandelion. Almost 4 year olds can be so darn endearing!

    Stinky fridge issues! Glad you got a nice new one with a great warranty!