Thursday, September 17, 2009


Alas, my application for WIA (workforce investment act) has been denied due to my job function that I left being in high demand.  Too bad they don't also help point you to exactly where those openings are... I see only one in my area, and it's for an employer with a very bad reputation.  So, I'm off to see about Commissioner Approved Training next week.  We'll see.  Not exactly sure what the differences are between the two programs, but I'm going to do what I can.  I'd really like to change industries.

Though I did have a good phone interview this morning for a company located 500 miles away.  Too bad it's not closer.  It seems like a great position with a good challenge.  We'll see what happens with it.

It's interesting how we can plan all we want, but "things" don't just bend to suit our plans.  God has a plan.  I just have to be patient, and it will be clear soon enough.  He's taken good care of us thus far!

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