Sunday, September 20, 2009

Life is easier with an IT department

I got a super duper wireless printer.  It was going to solve all my problems, and be able to fax!  I installed it on my mom's computer, though I had some trouble with it.  My IT genius cousin stopped in thursday on his way from Missoula to Seattle.  He worked some magic.  Then I get MY pretty red computer from the fabulous Mr. FedEx.  I spent nearly 4 hours trying to hook up!  I couldn't even get it to print through a USB connection.

Life is easier when you have IT people to help with this stuff.  Alas.  I'm my own IT department now.  I guess I have an opportunity to learn.  To learn patience, that is!

The schedule
My scheduling is coming along nicely.  I'm using some ideas from  And now that I have outlook again, it's easier to do.  Funny how we become so accustomed to particular tools.  I've carved out GRE study time, mapped out weekly chores.  Life is coming along.

The severance
Well.  It was deposited.  Half of it, anyway.  And yes, I'm accounting for taxes.  Unless they are taking 75% taxes out these days.  I'll get on it tomorrow.  And here I thought I was done with the company.

Apparently I didn't receive some forms.  So I have to fill out some papers and send them in so we have insurance.  We got a bill from the pediatrician.  I suppose we should be grateful for that, otherwise it might have been too late! Now if only I could get my scanner/printer to work as intended, I'll be able to accomplish this.

aaaah, I have my music back!  That is all.  God bless Steve Jobs.

Gosh, it's a lot of work configuring computers!  I still have a lot to do!  Need to archive some items to my new (red!!) portable hard drive, see if IT can crack my old machine again and retrieve my contacts.  I could have sworn I asked for them, but I didn't receive them in the mail.  I'm hoping they are still retrievable.  INVALUABLE information there!!!

My next big step is to see if I qualify for the CAT benefits, so I can go to school without worrying about a job search.  Though I've heard that I might still be able to receive TAA benefits from when my job before last went overseas... can't hurt to ask, right???

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