Friday, September 11, 2009

[Insert witty title here]

Seems I'm all out of funny.  And interesting.  Need to run to the store for some more, I guess.

The day started out disappointing.  I went to the Unemployment Office for a presentation on WIA (Workforce Investment Act) to see what I needed to do to apply for my education to be funded, or UI benefits extended, or whatever magic they whip up with the education.  Alas, I was late.  Partly (okay, mostly) because I woefully underestimated the time it would take to drop my son off at the sitter's and park in the "mafia wars: LIVE on Second Street, Spokane Edition" parking lot they have.  Also partly because the chick at the "reception" counter was quite honestly dim-witted, and I (and another gentlemen) waited a full seven minutes for her to finish a phone call (Time is of the essense!) 

So I left there, and went to the bookstore to find a GRE study guide.  And then I ordered what I wanted off of Amazon.  Hey, I got two books for the price one would have sold for at Barnes and Noble, plus free "super saver shipping"... you really HAVE to patronize a purveyor of such excellence in alliteration!  Besides, the reviews are priceless.

I had the priveledge of dining with four lovely former coworkers this afternoon.  The food was good, and the company was exceptional.   I really did work with some fantastic people.  Even though my employer was flawed, I miss so many people I got to interact with daily.  It's good to keep in touch with people.  At least for me... it makes me feel less crazy.

Speaking of the crazy...I'm wondering when it will go away.  How long will I wonder what I did wrong, or if people really thought I was stupid and just were too nice to tell me?  How long will I go back and forth on whether or not there actually was a good deal of injustice there on a daily basis?  I'm thinking at least until I get into school.  When school starts, the head focuses on something else.  I'm really looking forward to being engaged and distracted.  Being with the boys is fantastic, don't get me wrong... but their whirlwind energy still leaves me plenty of time to meander down crazy street.

So, this is my life today.  Next stop: make appointment with a career counselor at WSU.  I hope they have some information as to the actual difficulty of people "outside" the healthcare industry to crack into it without a nursing degree.  I really don't have the time to earn a BSN.  I also lack the inclination.  So there you have it.

HAHAHA, something funny... while at lunch, a friend told me the rumor mill has it that I'm going for my nursing degree.  This isn't entirely unbelievable; my mom is a nurse, and I'm an excellent student.  I can really do just about anything.  But it would be a huge switch.  I said "as long as the rumors don't involve a pole, I think I'm good!" 

Credits: I'd like to thing Amanda G for the inspiration for the witty-witless title.  Yes, I completely plagiarized from your facebook status update. 


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Awesome!

  2. I'm soooo glad you did the letter thing to your former employer. Your former manager has started to be my best friend since he saw your former Director talking to me like I knew him and lived only a few blocks from him. Go Amy, Go Amy!