Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Settling in

So it seems as if I'm settling into my new role as a housewife. Though, sadly, I've come to realize that I still need to get up before 8am.

Though after reading another blog, I've come to an epiphany. I'm using this "new role" as a distraction to not accomplish what I should be accomplishing in order to pursue school and to get my benefit stuff in line. Though admittedly... the doctor and dentist appointments we've had this week have sufficiently interrupted my day. That, and my hasty focus on a different effort have been taking up quite a bit of time. And my husband is out of town. See how easy it is to self-justify??

I am excited at the prospect of school! MBA in Healtchare Administration. A field friendlier to the female sort. (nice consonance, no?) And I think I'd feel like I was somehow working for society, less so for THE MAN. Like I'm adding value people understand. Making some large corporation more efficient... who really cares? Heck, they didn't!

Have I ever mentioned that I turned down a job with the department of energy in Idaho Falls / Pocatello? Idaho Nucular Laboratory. As a process engineer. With nukes. Required a security clearance. Would have been cool. But it was so... "post WWII East Berlin" there. and the towns... just weren't as pretty as here. No green to speak of, unless you count sagebrush. An hour drive to work each day. Well, there's a bus that's hired out that everyone uses. Not to mention that there's no starbucks to walk to with a buddy, and the cafeteria was... reminded me of prison or something. There'd be no working from home (National Security can't be VPN'd in), no cell phones with cameras, desk materials circa 1962... so I declined it.

My cough started up right after my interview there... but let's not dwell on THAT.

Ah, well. Life is good, really. I feel much better. I've made a big decision regarding the company, and I'm feeling relief and peace again. Now I can focus on my boys. And getting the details straightened out.

And I've found some yoga on the dish. Recorded some. Now I need to actually do it!


  1. I think the MBA in Healthcare Admin is going to be a perfect fit for you! :)

  2. Thanks, Carla! I'm excited about it!