Monday, September 14, 2009


Who knew kids got migraines?  I didn't!  Until today.  At first I thought my son was doing a bang-up job vying for an academy award in order to get out of running laps for pushing his brother.  Until he laid down and really slept.  And screamed and writhed and got ILL.  Though migraine wasn't what flashed through my head while driving the 1.5 miles to the urgent care clinic.  Thank God it's not meningitis!  Poor kid.  That sums up my excitement for the day!

House cleaning
I also got all of the light diffuser bowls (alabaster bulb cover things) through the dishwasher.  First time in 4 years (I am NOT proud of that).  Oh my.  Ick.  AND... there HAS to be a better way to secure those things into a fixture other than the three screw design.  My right finger and thumb are quite raw.  I also repotted some plants, and washed the boys' bedding.

Unemployment /education progress
Made plans to meet a buddy at a WIA presentation.  We'll see about getting in to school! 

I also applied for a job close to my family.  Wonder if I have to go to an interview and/or take it if offered a position?  I'm fuzzy on the rules.  You HAVE to apply for jobs in your field.  You don't have to apply for jobs that are too far away, or have unfavorable conditions or pay.  hmmm.  Added that little item to my growing list of compliance questions.  But at least I'm one down for the week, right?  This is my waiting week.  Though I get my severance this coming friday.  It doesn't count as pay because benefits are not accrued.  All the unemployment logistics you never knew you were interested in!

I'm excited that my friend and her family are coming up for a short visit!  It will be so nice!  She's a homeschooling mom, so she's looking to do something "field trip-ish" while here.  I need to check out the options of things to do and still be home in time for the eldest's arrival.

So things are coming together.  So nice how that all works out, eh?  :)  I'm happy!  TA TA!

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