Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Park

So I took the boys to the park today.  Got to play with the camera a bit.  Evidently (my shout out to a work buddy), I have a lot to learn!  Looking forward to learning more about how to use light and glass to capture moments in time.  I got a lot of shots.  A few pretty good ones.  But the boys were moving so fast in the shade that quite a few weren't as good as they could have been.  First "run" with it, so I'm still happy.

Speaking of parks, the one by our house should be done pretty darn soon.  We're all excited about that.

Today was a good day!  It's kind of strange to not go grocery shopping on the weekend.  Gives a different feel to Saturday and Sunday without having to battle people for an hour or two and unload groceries.  Kinda nice.  :) 

I looked at a couple jobs online, and just couldn't apply for them.  Not just yet.  Can't wait to go to the WIA seminar this week and see if I can get approved.  If not, I'll step up the job hunt game.  But I'm really looking forward to going to school now.  Honestly, if I'd been given a choice to be laid off with the ability to go to school vs. continuing my job, I'd have chosen the layoff.  I'm pretty sure of it.

My friend and her family will be here this week!  It will be a fun couple of days!  I can't wait to see them and show off our town!  Maybe the park will be done in the next three days???  LOL, probably not, but that would sure be fun!

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  1. I splurged and bought myself a new camera also-a few months back. I love the quality pictures I am able to take. But I find that I too struggle with capturing those great moments because the boys are SO active. :P I do alot of picture taking in the moment and try to remember that face/expression/scene in my brain. :P